[+d.]is a brand of h concept co., ltd. Japan, that introduce the products made in collaboration with designers to the world.
Our policy is form designer 's thought very carefully and introduce it to consumer clearly.
Today, thing are full around us, what we really wish is not only the product but the story and thoughts behind it.

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Kikatsu Glass ware

Female artist, Shizuyo Seagusa, chief designer for Kimura Glass Company in Tokyo, Japan, has created the Kikatsu glassware collection. Each glass is a unique work of art with every aspect contributing to the artistic expression - from the thickness of the glass to the size and shape, and finally to the etched design that completes the piece. Requiring the talents of master craftspeople, each glass is blown by mouth and hand etched. Producing one glass requires a painstaking 30 minutes to one hour and must be done very carefully as not to break the fragile glass.

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Eastern Accent has been the single source of distribution for A.G. Spalding Bro. pens for more than a decade.
The collection ranges from roller pens, ballpoint pens, and fountain pens to mini-pens and mechanical pencils.

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Shot Glass 13 Colors Set

30cc shot glasses in 13 colors in white gift box.
Daiginjyou sake glass

single sake glass In a traditional Kiri wooden gift box.
Straight glasses (set of 5)

The sets are graduated in size and packaged as a glass-in-a-glass-in-a-glass... In a traditional Kiri wooden gift box.
Decanter & two shot glass

In a traditional Kiri wooden gift box
Two wine glass in wooden Kiri gift box

Bourgogne 12oz. #2921010
Bordeaux 11oz. #2911010
Yuu-ki Large Sake Gift Set

A bottle and 2 Cups 400cc / 65cc
Designer: Makoto Komatsu
Material: White Porcelain
Design: N. Fujii Material: White Porcelain
FS-4 Tea Pot 360 cc
FS-5 Tea cup 300 cc
FS-6 Tumbler 360 cc
Paper body towel

This rice paper towel is made from 100% natural plant rice plant fibers held together with tencel threads. This fabric has a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin. Rice paper is unusually absorptive. It removes excess oil, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. The manufacture of this towel integrates new technology with the art of traditional Japanese handmade paper methods. The result is a wash towel that maintains its original feel over extended periods of use and prevents it from dissolving in water.
Charcoal body wash towels
MB-048 Hard
MB-248 Striped

It is believed that the essence of charcoal contains over 200 organic particles that have a beneficial effect on the skin, that include absorbing odors and removing toxins and excess oils that can lead to skin blemish breakouts. These wash towels will lightly scrub away dead skin cells, cleanse and moisturize the skin.
Rayon scrub towel

This rayon wash towel, made with 100% rayon fabric, is excellent for exfoliating the skin. The woven jacquard pattern adds to the scrubbing effect. Rayon is very resilient, your wash towel will retain its vibrant color and last through many, many washes.
Blue, green, pink, yellow
Crane / Turtle Soap Set

Round bars of vegetable based soaps, enhanced with natural essences, and are carved with turtle and crane images, traditional Japanese symbols of long life and happiness. (Gift boxed)
2-piece set contains 1 bar each:
White (crane) - honey essence
Pink (turtle) - peach leaves essence
Nagomi Soap Set

All natural vegetable based Japanese soaps enhanced with herbal extracts and Natureļ¾•s essences. Soap set includes 6 assorted bars, individually wrapped, and gift boxed.
Gift set contains 1 bar each: Aloe, Yazu citrus, Loofa, Rice bran, Honey, Black sugar
Wa Ka Cha Soap Set

Means Japanese style (Wa), flowers (Ka), and tea (Cha) exclusively. As the name shows, this set includes soaps with various flower and tea essences and bath goods in sophisticated Japanese style gift boxes.

M-WKC-03 Cornflower and Oolong tea soap
M-WKC-05 Cornflower and Oolong tea soap
M-WKC-10 Cornflower and Oolong tea soap / Camellia and Green tea soap / Chinese milk vetch and Hydrangea tea soap / Green tea bath tablet / Mini wash cloth in a pink gift box
Toothbrush caps

Colorful caps cover head of toothbrush- come with suction cups for easy storage on tile or mirror - a smile on each one! Good for traveling too.
Blue, green, pink, yellow
Heel Smoother
MB-110 fine blue, green
MB-111 pink, yellow

Color acrylic handles with metal files heads for scrubbing away rough and calloused skin on heels and feet.
Shinbun Tote Bags
Designer: Ms. Masako Ito
Japanese newspaper (shinbun) expertly folded and glued by hand in Towa Village by farmer's wives. For the environmentally conscience.

Horizontal style
Small SB-HS 7.5" x 6" X 3"
Medium SB-HM 9" x 7.5" x 2.75"
Large SB-HL 12" x 11" x 3.75"

Vertical style
Small SB-VS 7.5" x 9" x 3"
Medium SB-VM 11.75" x 11.25" x 4"
Large SB-VL 12..5" x 14.5" x 3.75"
A small world growing inside of a glass tube.
Orchid plant is suspended in colored gel medium rich in nutrients.
A complete ecosystem for your desktop.
No need to water or feed. Just sit back, relax and feel the calm wash over you as you watch your tiny plant grow by doing absolutely nothing.
When plant outgrows the tube, simply transplant into a pot. You will now be responsible to feed and nurture your living orchid companion.
This process takes several months to complete.
Orchids and gel colors are randomly selected.

IP-01 Single Tube
IP-02 Single Tube w/ black wood frame
IP-03 Double Tube w/ black wood frame
IP-04 Single Tube w/ black wood frame with LED Light
5-color pen with mechanical pencil

This unique writing instrument is five color ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil all in one! Choose from five bright ink colors and the option of lead pencil too
Colored Aluminum card cases
2.36" x 3.7" x 2"

Business card cases in anodized aluminum with matte finish.
Silver, blue, green, red, gold, black

Mini cleaning brush designed for crevices, corners and all "tight" areas - perfect for cleaning lunch boxes, plastic containers, keyboards, office and audio equipment - the uses are endless!
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